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Autogas Network gathers Autogas Systems installers, providing high quality conversions nationwide. Give us a call or drop us an email and we will be happy to help you with detailed information about your nearby garage and the best, highest quality system for your car.

The high quality AC STAG LPG systems are our flagship product, by far unrivalled by other brands.



Stag Autogas Systems


Autogas Network provide proven over the years autogas technology. We are based on the coherent solutions coming from the biggest LPG/CNG systems producers in Europe: AC STAG. Complete systems based on Q line series of AC products means highest quality standards for you.

Stag UK Network


Garages gathered within Autogas Network are known as the most experienced autogas installers. We know that the quality of workmanship is equally important as the quality of the system installed – that is why you can expect best conversion experience from any of those garages.

Stag Europe Warranty


Autogas Network means not only UK nationwide network of garages, it also mean you can expect help from any garage included in AC STAG network in Europe. You do not need to worry if you’re moving out or going away for holidays. Someone is always around ready to help you!


Big Savings

With LPG system fitted you save 50% on fuel, ie. instead of £50 you will pay £25 for filling up to cover the same mileage.

Proven Technology

Autogas systems offered by Autogas Network have been already installed in millions of vehicles worldwide. We want you to really enjoy driving on LPG.

Green Future

Liquified Petroleum Gas is one of the cleanest fuels, it doesn’t harm the environment as much as Diesel or petrol engines do. Let’s protect the future!

Top Performance

LPG fuel has higher caloric value than petrol, good system setup can give additional power!



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